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1st August 2014

11:35pm: Hi EveryJUAAAAAAAN
I decided to ditch tumblr forever because it lacks the security settings I want on a blog I post personal (sometimes REALLY personal) shit to. I'm going to try to change the username on here because I made this journal in like 2003 when I was an embarrassing child. If you want to be my friend, feel free to add me! I will post NSFW stuff, which, of course, will be posted as friends-only. Besides that, I'm still currently working on this shit because I need an outlet for my thoughts.

21st December 2011

3:04am: My new baby

Her name is Molly. I drove all the way to St. Louis to get her last week. She is so adorable and bad lol

I still miss my Peanut :(
Cats and dogs are so different from each other. Holy poop.

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19th November 2011

11:38pm: Sup


lol it's my cat.

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2nd August 2011

4:34am: MOB ACTION GHOST RIDE (x-posted to Tumblr)
This was tonight's bike route (picture stolen from Mike Grogan). 26 miles of goodness. It's 4 AM and I just got home.

I finally got to venture into Bachelor's Grove during the night. The closer we got, the more unsettling the ride became. Definitely heard some weird male yelps, experienced energy drains, and Keith saw a scarecrow-shaped figure that just disappeared at a second glance. AND THEN, oh god, we hit a wall of really cold air. That was before we even got to the cemetery. The whole trail into Bachelor's grove was TERRIFYING AS FUCK. There was ground up chalk and salt strewn across each entrance of the cemetery to ~keep the spirits in~. It didn't really matter to me because I was still shitting bricks when we went into the woods surrounding the cemetery. The whole time we were in there I kept my eyes fixated on my feet so I wouldn't see anything. A few people saw someone ("someone") in white retreat into the woods on the other side of the pond. While we were walking in/around there I had to endure listening to scary stories people had about the last times they went there. It seems like shit really gets crazy at 3 in the morning. Rocks just fly everywhere and sound like they're hitting every tree in the woods (this was verified by two people). I was so relieved when we decided to leave. I'm in no rush to go back there.

Oh, and we definitely had to run (well, ride) from the infamous Worth ladycop on the way home. She had the spotlight on us but all eight of us escaped. We're the best.


10th June 2011

11:27pm: My camera elongated it vertically. She's not this horse-looking irl. I tried drawing the bunny but I cannot draw accurate depictions of animals so I gave up. I think I'll have the tattoo artist draw this out for the real deal. I hate coloring. The reason I never use colored pencils is because I SMEAR EVERYTHING and it ends up looking dirty. Like this. Oh, and I got my teal nail polish on this WHICH IS FUCKING GREAT.

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